Target and engage your shoppers through premium retailer inventory and shopper data

Take advantage of the most relevant data available (purchase history, real-time basket content, local weather…) to reach your shoppers with a personalized and contextualized message all along the shopping journey.

Promote your products and boost your brand equity

You can finally showcase your products AND deliver your marketing content and messages. The library of e-commerce ads activable through the platform is designed to engage the shopper and drive the best results.

Combine any kind of retail activation through one centralized platform

Manage your campaings retailer by retailer or activate the entire network. Work the best strategies by chosing from Premium Inventory managed campaings, Private Market Place self-service campaigns as well as Audience Extension campaigns, or by combining them.

Drive sales, track ROAS and rely on many other consolidated KPI’s

The platform is results-driven. No longer buy a weekly banner on the home page: drive real sales and ROAS by measuring performance based on comprehensive Media and Business KPI’s.

They boost their online sales with Storetail
Aurélie CHUPIN
Indirect B2C E-commerce Project Manager

Storetail solutions help us to finally promote our products efficiently across all our online Retailers. We now have full control over our online promotion events, ROAS, and can rely on detailed and usefull KPIs to take the right decisions. We generate an increase in sales and improve the relationships with our retailers.

Arnaud Beauval
Danone Waters
Retail E-commerce Manager

Danone Waters has been using Storetail Platform to develop equity and conversion of our brands online thanks to comprehensive solutions that deliver precision trade marketing campaigns addressing a contextualized message to our shoppers along the path to purchase.

William Salhany
Mars Food Western Europe
Digital & e-commerce Manager | Food France

Storetail offers the opportunity to execute all types of brand activation on e-retailers in a very innovative way thanks to their technology. Their solutions are shortening the conversion funnel while exploiting all types of data to both reach the right shoppers and boost the ROI. It makes standard banner look old fashion. Since we have started partnering with Storetail, we executed many activations providing high visibility, new way to interact with shoppers and delivering great results like doubling the basket penetration of one of our brands.

Gregoire Argand
Head of Digital, France

Storetail has been a key strategic partner for Pepsico E-commerce team since 2015. Storetail helped Pepsico France becoming an E-commerce prime mover on E-activation with First weather sensitiveness campaign (for Gazpacho Alvalle in Carrefour Drive in 2015), and many impactful campaigns (Searchandising, cross-merchandising, butterfly etc..) with all key Click and Collect retailers in 2016 and 2017, always with detailed results and calculated ROI.  What I appreciate in working with Storetail is the perfect balance they have, providing innovative technology and having deep knowledge & connections with French key retailers.

Thierry Coquet
Nestlé Corporate
Head of e-commerce development

When Elie and Mathieu, the two cofounders, came to see us in June 2014 and introduced Storetail, we were immediately seduced by this innovative technology! Three months later, we deployed our first digital retail media campaign. Since then, we had the opportunity to work together on many other digital retail activations.
The Storetail platform is efficient. It enables us to activate, directly on our retail partners websites, all the promotion and communication campaigns that we have been activating in store since always. From a ROAS perspective, the Storetail solutions allow a very accurate shopper targeting and a direct measurement of the impacts on the shopper journey and sales.

François Mayor
Groupe SEB
Media Digital CRM & Ecommerce Activation Manager

Storetail solutions have been enabling us to set up new activations with our e-retailers with very interesting performances. Their technology and data allow a very precise targeting, coupled with impacting and efficient eCommerce Ads, empowering us to improve our product visibility and more specifically to increase significantly our sales.

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