Incredibly easy to setup: no dev, no cost, up and running in no time

The platform is ready-to-use and does not require any particular development from your IT team.

Compatible with any e-commerce CMS, the platform is up and running in a snap, ready to deliver incremental revenue.

Manage and control your newly created inventory, and turn it into profit

Premium Inventory, Private Marketplace, Audience Extension, self-promotion campaigns: the Storetail Suite for Retailers allows you to sell new native and innovative inventory, ready to be sold to your vendors.

Leverage your shopper audience and data, securely and efficiently

You have shopper data (a lot), the Storetail Platform allows you to make the most of it in order to sell and deliver efficient and personalized campaigns. You can also plug in external sources of data (ie. CRM offline data)

Open an additional revenue stream and improve your P&L

In the end, implementing our Retail Media Platform will open a new stream of incremental revenue by selling to brands the inventory brought through the Platform.
They boost their monetization revenue with Storetail
Stéphane Smolarek
Intermarché Drive
Head of e-commerce website and apps | Food

We met Storetail when we were actively thinking about how to best monetize our e-commerce audience. Storetail helped us define the best monetization strategy and the most adequate technological solution to implement. As a result, they empowered us with a tech platform aligned with our strategic stakes.

Our monetization offer has now been live for the past year, and it perfectly meets our commercial and marketing goals. Consequently, thanks to the Storetail Platform we are able to engage our vendors with a comprehensive set of tools for them to showcase their products in the most targeted and efficient way. Besides, we thus generate new streams of significant incremental revenue while offering high-quality activations.

Stéphane Vandenweghe
Auchan Drive
Product Offer and Marketing Director

Since day one Storetail has been a key partner focused on innovation. I most appreciate their capacity and their technological expertise to implement innovative and cutting edge solutions. What’s more, I truly feel like my needs and stakes are shared and understood, resulting in answers and solutions that perfectly match them. As a consequence, Storetail allows me to be more agile, to save time and to gain in efficiency for implementing our ideas and trade projects.
To sum up in 3 words: efficient, competent, innovative.

Laurent Gheux
Head of e-commerce website and apps | Food

We plugged the Storetail Platform with two goals in mind: monetize our e-commerce audience to our vendors AND run self-promotion campaigns to boost sales. Storetail, it is also a team that has been providing us with first-class support and has always been attentive to our needs, always looking for prompt and appropriate answer.

Scale up your monetization programs !


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